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Plants for altitude sickness

Natural medicine or herbal medicine forms a great variety of techniques and treatments that over the years were used for the purpose of curing and treating different health conditions.


Quick Guide on Machu Picchu

Do you love to go on vacation to Machu Picchu? Or do you hear about it? But do you know the history of Machu Picchu ? Do not? How good! This is the item you have been looking for.


04 Routes to Machu Picchu

Did you know that there are different alternative routes that all promise an extraordinary adventure? Km82, Walk along the train tracks, the Inca Trail , Sanlkantay , among others.


Top Hotels in Machu Picchu 2017

Do you want to visit the imposing Inca city? Know this beautiful heritage of architecture? But do not know where to stay? We have great news! There are many places to sleep in Machu Picchu./p>


Machu Picchu Tickets

Do you want to buy tickets to Machu Picchu? But you do not know how? Keep reading! Here we will not only tell you how to get those tickets to Machu Picchu that you want so much.


Origin of the Mountain of 7 Colors

Undoubtedly this is a question that many would like to clarify, thanks to the great consultation of our travelers we decided to carry out an investigation to keep them much more informed.


Risks of hiring informal agencies

In the wake of the recent death of a French tourist who walked with his family for more than 4 hours to the mountain Vinicunca , located in Pitumarca district, Canchis province of Cuzco.


Recommendations for visiting the mountain 7 colors

Due to the constant inquiries of our passengers we have been forced to publish this article where we will explain about the most common evils that are experienced in the route.


Mountain of Seven Colors

The mountain of the 7 colors (VINICUNCA) is one of the most majestic attractions present on the way to the AUSANGATE apu, a place that shows a new opportunity for all who visit it.