Inti Raymi Peru 2018

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Formerly on the eve of the celebration Inty Raymi, everyone would gather in the square and dress up as the most important people, like the generals, princes, the Inca Emperor, wielding shields and sceptres. They would wait in the darkness looking at the sky for the sunrise. This lavish Inca Empire party was celebrated in gratitude to the Sun God for the harvest and they would ask for pacha mama (mother earth) to continue fertilizing and providing welfare to Tahuantinsuyanos.  “A communication between the human and the divine”.

The actual Into Raymi ceremony (Sun God party), starts at 8:00 at Koricancha (sun temple) , where you see the army general appear (cincho) , followed by his guards, the imperial army and then the Allas, Tika takunas (flower girls) and Pichaqcunas (the ones that clean everything up). We will listen to traditional music (pututus, quenas y tamborcillos). The last to appear and also accompanied by the music are the Inca and his Coya (wife). Here the offering provided bye the Inca to Taita Into is the chicha de Jora.

After this first scene we will head to the main plaza, Plaza de Armas, where we will find armada, huaca, again the Sinchi and his guards are the first to enter, then comes the army, the Allas and on litter we see the coya with his highness and finally the Inca. From the highest point of the huaca the Inca throws coca leaves and asks the priest to guess the will of the Taiti Inti (father sun). When this is over we head to Saqsayhuaman. The sequence is still the same, first the Sinchi and last we will see the Inca, the Inca provides (with a hero in his hans full of chicha de jora), with the sun and subsequently he throws the cup into a groove thats facing Koricancha (sun temple). the WILLKA NINAKAMAYOC (the one who maintains the fire alive) lights the fire and keeps it, its time for the sacrifice, the TARPUTAY (priest in charge of the oracle) asks that a black and tender flame be put up, he faces the sun with a tumi in his hans and sloths up the left side of the animal and takes his heart out for offering to the sun. other priests in charge read the visceral, the blood and the animal’s fat. When they know everything is how its supposed to be they throw the visceral to the fire. When he sees the smoke, the WILLAC UMU smiles because of the good omen. The celebration ends in a contagious harmony.

En el transcurso de todo el rito inca veremos cientos de danzantes de coloridos atuendos y la música tradicional que embellece por completo el magnífico escenario. In the course of all the Inca ritual we will see hundreds of dancers in colourful costumes and traditional music that beautifies completely the magnificent scenery.


  • We, as expected, have a personalized service for this imposing Inca ritual to seal in your memory as a pleasant moment full of culture and color.
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