Salkantay Hike to Machu Picchu 5 Days

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The name of this mountain of Salkantay Trek is a contraction coming from Salqa, which means unsociable, wild and antes, which means that it produces celajes or avalanches; this is an alternative route of the Inca Trail for those that couldn’t book the other one because of its availability. We’ve considered this Salkantay Trek route to be one of the best alternatives out there because of the beautiful flora and fauna that you will be able to appreciate along the way and the peacefulness of the place that will make you want to meditate and get in contact with the nature around you. The mountain of Salkantay Trek has an altitude of 6450 meters above sea level compared to Machu Picchu that is 2250 meters above sea level. The legendary route of Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu has been nominated by the National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine as one of the best top 25 Treks all around the world. This is an easy hike for anybody that wats to do it, without limitations or necessary agreements (at least for the moment) The city of Mollepata, Cusco with Machu Picchu, and Salkantay Trek are beautiful ancient treasures that are located outside the traditional route but are in same area, like the Inca Trail, where you can see the big mountains covered in snow that combine with the abundant rain forest.


Our travel agency will come pick you up from your place of stay at 4:30 am, where we will hop on a bus that will take us to the town of Mollepata, we will get there approximately at 8:30 am, and then we will start with our hike. We will walk for about 3 hours straight appreciating the diversity of flora and fauna, until we get to Sayllapata where we plan to have our lunch, we will then continue our journey and after 3 more hours or walking we will get to Soray Pampa, to have our dinner and to rest under the starry sky until the next day.


We will wake early to enjoy of our delicious breakfast and after we will start our hike that will lead us through an extensive pampa called Salkantay Pampa (3400 meters above sea level) where we will walk through the highest point of our trek called Salkantay Umantay (4650 meters above sea level), you will also be able to appreciate the Andes, where you will see the Apu Salkantay, the sacred mountain since the Inca Times, you’ll also be able to appreciate the impressive avalanches that occur at the site. After contemplating of such beauty we will begin to go down to enjoy of our lunch later (we will choose a place to eat according to our pace), then we will continue until we reach Collpapampa, where we will have dinner and where we will camp out for the night. This is a tropical area, where there are too many mosquitoes just like the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the area, we recommend you to take the necessary precautions (insect repellent).


We will wake up at 6:45 am, to take our breakfast and to continue our hike until Sahuayacocha, place where we will have lunch, and we will be able to observe the variety of orchids and the great magnitude of the waterfalls there. We will also appreciate the coffee crops, fruit trees, bananas, avocados and the granadas, plus the Inca bridges and the exotic flora and fauna. Finally we will get to “playa” where we will be camping out for the night.


After a nutritious breakfast we will continue with a 2 hour hike to Lucmabamba, where along the way you will observe the flora of that zone. From Lucmabama we will keep walking upward until we get to Llactapata, this will take us 2 hours, after visiting this archeological site we will then descend until we get to Hidroelectrica, place where we will have lunch and free time to then walk for 2 hours until we reach the town of Aguas Calientes. This last night we will stay at a hotel where we will have dinner and if the traveler want to have a fun night they can go to the nightclubs in the area or visit the thermo medical water of Machu Picchu.


After breakfast, we will take a bus to the historical sanctuary of Machu Picchu, where we will have a 3 hour tour and after that we will have free time to explore the majestic and incredible Inca city. We will go back to the town of Aguas Calientes win the afternoon so we can hop on our train back to Cusco.



  • Original passport with which to enter the Inca road (student card ISICvigente).
  • Shoes suitable for hiking.
  • Rain poncho or waterproof clothing (according to the season).
  • Warm clothing, cap and gloves.
  • Extra t-shirts.
  • Suitable shorts suitable for walking.
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunscreen.
  • Mineral water.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Disposable toilet paper.
  • Personal medicines.
  • Photographic camera.
  • Flashlights with extra batteries.
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